inspiring joy filled living

I believe that we all have the unique ability to inspire change. 
To make the world a little gentler place. 
By opening our ears and hearts we can truly understand one another. 
Project Kindness is a space in which we can dream and put into action ways to build a kinder world.

Project Kindness

Dreaming about project kindness brings the biggest smile to my heart. Like a wide open field filled with blooming wildflowers, I believe our ability to bring about kindness is just as endless. The possibilities are countless if we are brave enough to look for them. Once found, we get the unique opportunity to take our God-given talents and mixed with a bit of courage, we can share them with the world. Sometimes these acts are huge and life-changing. Sometimes they are small and subtle. But what I have come to realize is that all acts of kindness are important. Even the tiniest smile shared with an exhausted mama as she attempts to peel her screaming toddler off the grocery store floor, matters. That brief exchange is important because instead of glares and snide remarks, she is getting a much needed dose of compassion. I know this because I have been that mama with a screaming toddler and the embarrassment faded just a bit when a stranger shared a compassionate smile with me.

May I be so bold as to say that I believe kindness is a superpower. Through our actions, we have the unique ability to change the world. One smile, one hug, one meal taken to a sick friend, one word of encouragement at a time, we can create change. We can be the hero, but the best part is encouraging others to be heros as well. When we choose kindness we create a ripple effect that grows, stretches and expands to include all the people we touch. When we are brave, then others are empowered to be brave as well. Fear, hurt, anger, misunderstandings and frustrations cannot withstand the power of kindness. Eventually love breaks through and those negative emotions fade away. And when love wins we all win. One of the greatest, life changing kindness experiences for me centered around dinner. My husband was very, very sick and living in and out of the hospital. I had two babies ages 1 and 3 years at home and I was drowning. By the grace of God, family, friends and even strangers brought warm meals to my doorstep and I was forever changed. Never in my life had I felt such immense love and a sense of belonging. That snapshot in time taught me that even small acts carry great weight. I vowed when my hubby got better that I would pay it forward. In the last 7 years I have made and delivered countless meals with the intention of spreading a bit of the love that was given to me. Being half Indian, one of my greatest joys is to feed people so cooking for others comes naturally to me. But I absolutely love that there are literally millions of ways to share joy. My prayer and passion is to consistently hunt for and uncover new ways to spread kindness. I am incredibly excited to share our ideas here and cannot wait to hear how you are sharing kindness as well.