I remember being pregnant with my first daughter and being completely overwhelmed with the amount of baby stuff that is out there.  So I registered for everything. I had no idea. Wipe warmer? Yes! Now three kids later, I have found my favorite products and would love to share my insights with you. 


Here is my list of top baby products that I can’t live without.


So what do you really need?




Swaddles are AMAZING! I absolutely love that you can wrap your sweet little munchkin up without having to remember all the folds and crisscrossing of trying to turn a regular blanket into a swaddle.  I could never get it down.   I remember watching the nurse wrap up Hailey and thinking she must be a pro at origami.  I tried swaddling a few times after leaving the hospital, but my sleep deprived brain just couldn’t do it.  Then someone gave us the Swaddles and our lives changed.  Our fussy little peanut loved it! It was like magic!  The velcro made it to so easy to wrap her up.  She loved being swaddled tightly and this was the solution. 


Sleep sacks


For an older baby, sleep sacks are awesome.  It keeps them warm (they are wearing a blanket!) without having to use a blanket.  It is a really wonderful and safe option to keep your little one cozy at night.  All my kiddos loved their sleep sacks.  Paisley is a little over two years now and still sleeps in hers.


Nipple cream


For nursing mamas, this is a MUST!  I have literally tried them all.  I had a really hard time breastfeeding my oldest daughter and even had some pain with the other two.  Sensitive boobs, I guess! Anyways, I literally tried everything…and then I found this one by Medela.  It was the only one that really helped and provided protection.  The consistency was smooth and went on easily.  I found other creams were either too thick or really runny which made it difficult to put on.  This one was definitely my favorite.

Nipple Pads


I found these disposable nipple pads to work the best.  At first I tried the reusable ones mostly to be environmentally friendly and so I wouldn’t have to keep buying more.  But they just didn’t work.  For starters, I would leak right through them.  Nothing is more embarrassing than being at preschool drop off only to see a giant wet spot appearing–Ugh!  The other problem was they would sometimes stick if I forgot to put on nipple cream on and peeling them off an already sensitive nipple was soooo painful.  Lastly they would move and that would also lead to leaks.  Here’s what I love about the disposable ones.  They have a plastic backing, so it is much harder to leak through them.  And they have a little sticker on the back that you can adhere to your nursing bra so they don’t move.  Genius!  And because they aren’t cloth, they won’t stick to your nipple.  They were much gentler and overall a lot more comfortable.  They are one of my favorite gifts to give new mamas!




This one is a lifesaver.  From calming down your little one to helping them sleep, pacifiers are wonderful.  And when they get old enough, you can always take it away.  The “Paci Fairy” came to our house and took our pacifiers to give to other babies and left a doll in return.  If your little pumpkin will take a pacifier (my middle daughter absolutely refused and instead chose her thumb!) then I highly recommend this one by Nuc.  One thing I loved about it is that it has a hook on the back which allows you to attach a pacifier clip.  Which leads me to my next favorite thing…


Pacifier Clips


This one is such a time saver.  I can’t tell you how many times I have been driving only to have a screaming baby who can’t find her pacifier.  Or handed the baby to someone else and the baby has spit out her pacifier and then no one can find it.  That leads to screaming and more screaming.  But a pacifier clip is a game changer.  It is attached to them.  No more searching the floor or car seat.  And when they get older, they can pop it back into their own mouths.  I also love that by wearing it, it’s far less likely to hit the ground or something yucky.


Baby gowns


Talk about making life easier, baby gowns do just that.  Especially with a sweet little newborn who is in no mood to wait to get dressed.  There are always SO MANY SNAPS! And when your peanut is not having it then it seems like those snaps multiply.  The answer for us was a baby gown.  Once you get it over their tiny heads you are home free.  Diaper changes are so much easier and faster, which is good news for everyone.


Sound Machine

I can’t say enough about having a good sound machine.  Once you have a baby you start to notice all the noises that go on when your little peanut is trying to sleep.  It’s incredible.  When Hailey was born we lived in an apartment and I’m pretty sure the gardener knew when I was putting her down for a nap, because he would always crank up his leaf blower.  It never failed.  Yes, it’s good for your little one to get used to hearing noise, but nothing’s worse than the ring of a doorbell to startle them from sleep and ruin the afternoon for everyone.  I love this sound machine because of all the various sound options it has and it can be turned up pretty loudly.  This is especially helpful when my other girls are home!  The other good thing about a sound machine is it’s a great cue for your little one that it is time to rest.  They start to associate the sound of the machine with going to bed.  With all three of my girls, the sound machine really helped them understand the transition from awake-time to sleep time. 


Pampers Diapers


I love, love, love diapers with a line! Why? Because the line starts out yellow and then changes to blue when your little munchkin needs to be changed.  This is super helpful when you have a newborn and your tired brain just can’t handle making one more decision: to change or not to change.  The line makes it very obvious!  A few times I’ve accidentally bought the kind without the lines and then kicked myself because it’s so much trickier to tell if they need to be changed, especially when they are newborns.  The line makes it so much easier!


Baby Wash

I have tried so many over the years and I noticed that many of them had overpowering fragrances or added colors.  I couldn’t help but wonder what all those additives meant for my babies skin.  When I joined Arbonne in 2018, I learned how important it was the read labels on our personal care items.  After much research, I learned that Arbonne has a not allowed list of 2,000 ingredients that they don’t put in their products in contrast the FDA only bans 12 ingredients.  I was blown away and wanted to learn more.  I found this baby wash made by Arbonne that I really love because there are no dyes or added fragrances, plus I knew whatever I chose from there line was going to be safe.  This one if my favorite diaper rash cream too.  Which fun fact, it can also be used to treat bug bites!


Baby Carrier


Wear that baby and you get your hands back! I love to wear my babies.  It’s a win-win for everyone.  Your little one wants to be near you and you want your hands free.  I would go on walks, trips to the grocery store, mall, the park, etc.  The only thing you should never do is cook while wearing your baby, this is incredibly dangerous. 


Convertible Stroller


This stroller is definitely at the top of my best baby product list!  It is definitely worth its weight in gold.  Over the years I have told so many friends (and strangers at the park!) about the benefits of this stroller.  I wish we would have invested more in a better stroller with Hailey.  We started with a Graco and I just wasn’t happy with it.  The basket below was way too small and the wheels were plastic.  This led to uneven rides and it was almost impossible to get over curbs.  With every bump, I would worry that Hailey would wake up.  I would get so frustrated when eventually an uneven sidewalk would scare her and she would inevitably wake up.  Then we upgraded when Laila came along.  The Baby Jogger City Select was and still is a work horse.  The basket below is a great size and allows me to even shop with it.  The wheels are much bigger and made out of rubber.  I can go over curbs more easily and the ride is a lot smoother, which is a necessity when you have a sleeping baby. 


I also LOVE all the options this stroller has to offer.  It has a bassinet for baby and then converts for older kiddos.  It also has a separate attachment (sold separately) that allows you to attach your baby carseat.  I found this to be very helpful! I didn’t have to take a sleeping baby out of her carseat to put her in the stroller.  With one click, she was in and we were on our way.  If you have multiple kids, you can buy and attach a second seat.  I never bought it, but I have friends who have also purchased the skateboard attachment and have loved that too.  Another great feature is that the stroller is narrow enough to go through most doorways and is very easy to maneuver.  This stroller is definitely one of my favorite baby items.  It is definitely worth the hefty price tag.


What are you favorite products?  Would love to hear which products have made your mom-life easier!


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