What is it? The 30 day challenge is essentially sticking to healthy habits for 30 days.  The nutrition package includes 2 bags of protein powder, 2 boxes of energy fizz sticks, fiber boost, 2 boxes of herbal detox tea, digestion plus (prebiotics, probiotics & digestive enzymes), greens balance and a lemon-ginger body cleanse!  It covers two meals a day. These meals look like everything from shakes, protein pancakes, protein waffles, protein oats, etc. This leaves one healthy meal per day (we provide the meal plans, recipes & shopping lists) that all are approved under our guidelines. And of course, healthy snacks too! You will be eating well during this challenge.


What we are not. A fad diet.  There’s no counting calories, macros or points.  Of course, if you do count calories or macros, you can still do this challenge.  But you don’t need to.


What we are.  A plan that over the next 30 days will teach you healthy lifestyle habits.  Everything you learn throughout these 30 days will teach you how to maintain your progress, work towards your goals and feel better than ever before.


We are also certified vegan, plant-based and soy/dairy/gluten free! 


What else do you get? All who enter the challenge will have access to me personally, for check-ins, as well as join a fun group for advice, tips, struggles, etc! It’s a really awesome way to stay accountable and have a community of people who want to do the same. It’s also the perfect way to stick to healthy living and have the guidance to achieve your goals.  Healthy living all starts with nutrition! 


The nutrition package is $266 with free shipping! For less than $8.50/day you will get 60 meals, 30 days of supplements, 30 days of meal plans/recipes & an accountability group! From my experience, I have found when you purchase the package you are much more inclined to follow through and see results. 


If not now, then when???


You’re the only one holding yourself back from that rockstar “before & after” pic, feeling amazing and healthy sustainable habits.  For me, the best part was gaining more energy and feeling better (losing weight was an awesome bonus!)

I’d love to lock arms and do this with you!

My 30 Days Challenge Before & After Pictures

What do you think? Ready to jump in? Need more info? 

I can’t wait to hear from you!